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Why Choose SSA?

  • First and foremost, the people behind SSA that truly care and have been into audio for decades that push day in and day out to make SSA better all the time.
  • The high level customer service available through many different outlets.
  • The longevity of SSA, while fly-by-nights come and go all the time, SSA has been growing strong since 2001.
  • The sheer number of available resources that no other site or brand can match: our great store, quick email turn around, phone and chat support, our active and helpful forums with the most experienced and educated staff online, Facebook/Google+/Twitter pages along with many tutorials and how-to's.
  • SSA carries premium brands that we use in our own vehicles, as we sell what we know are great products from direct experience. Not to mention anyone can mass produced generic audio equipment from ebay or BestBuy, but if you are an enthusiast and want superior performance and value, you come to SSA for those products. Many of those brands are made to order, right here in the USA.
  • We are active in the audio competition and car show communities, be it from world records, to national titles to local meets, it doesn't matter because we are about the audio enthusiast.
  • The size, functionality, upkeep, and appearance of our online store is that of few can match.
  • The SSA walk-in store in New York, where you can walk in and check out many of the different items we carry. In addition, we actually carry stock, again setting us apart from the fly-by-nights who drop ship only.
  • Lastly, we at SSA are enthusiasts just like our customers, so we are just like you and are into audio because we love it.

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We have partnered up with some of the finest brands in car audio over the years and proudly retial their products in our online store.

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